How To Publish An eBook

Not many people realise how the process of eBook publishing or kindle publishing works. So this is a breakdown of how to Publish an eBook and how to go about things when it comes to eBook publishing on Amazon.

Find your Niche

You first need to decide what niche you going to publish in. Weather that’s about money, business, cooking, pets, history, horror, romance etc. There’s a huge range of categories you could publish books on Amazon. With some niches being more profitable and popular than others.

The Title…

You then want to create a good title and subtitle for your niche. It’s always best to have just the keywords alone in your title for the niche your trying to rank for. Then on your subtitle choose certain niches you also want to rank for as just secondary keywords.


Surprisingly you can get great for your eBook covers on the website Fiverr. However, if you wanted something higher in the price range there are always some great Graphic Designers out there, who could really make your book stand out from the rest.

The Content

If you don’t want to write the eBook yourself, then you can always go to a writing company where they can ghost write the eBook for you. Prices will of course vary for different company’s and what person is writing the eBook as well as how many words you would like in the eBook also. If you still decide you want to go elsewhere you can also hire Freelancers as well.

That’s Pretty Much the Basics

Once you have got all of this sorted, you are then ready to publish the eBook on Amazon, which will then ask you for a few more details from you before you publish the eBook and then you are ready to go live on Amazon!


Best workbooks for IT Student

As an IT student, it is very important that you get yourself the right workbook to boost your studies. The right workbook will help you arrange your notes and work in a more orderly manner. Your level of studies in IT will determine the right kind of workbook to go for; if you are at an advanced stage, then go for a workbook with more advanced layouts, questions, and such. Workbooks greatly reduce the work of the student when studying, and eliminate the need for copying notes, or having to read their test questions from the traditional text book, and answer in a different loose leaf book. There are many options to choose from, and a little research online will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. You should also feel free to consult your teacher or lecturer, in order to get more helpful advice.


Also, if you wish to download the workbook for your IT studies, then it should have clear and visible text to help you in your studies. The clarity and legibility of the text should be one of the driving factors when identifying a good workbook. Often, workbooks that are common for mathematics courses can also suffice for IT related studies.


How Mobile Responsive Websites Can Help Your SEO

As an SEO expert, you have to always keep yourself abreast with the latest tips and strategies to help you remain at the top. Otherwise designers are constantly coming up with new ideas and concepts to give visitors to sites a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

How do mobile responsive sites really work?

  • Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, and thus access their favorite websites.
  • The web designers are thus challenged to optimize their sites so that even visitors using small screens will also derive maximum convenience when accessing the site.
  • Rather than having mobile users zooming, and magnifying the text when visiting a site, a good SEO expert should optimize the website so that it automatically adjusts the images and text depending on screen size being used.
  • With mobile responsive website design, you are able to preserve the link equity of your bank. The SEO expert will embed new codes on the websites back end.
  • As an SEO expert, you may use all the right keywords, use fresh content, and follow all the rules of SEO. But if a mobile device user tries to access the site, and after 5 seconds, they are still trying to navigate through the site, chances are that they shall press the backspace button.
  • This trend of optimizing hand held devices like phones, tablets, ipads, and the rest, is a new trend that all SEO experts must embrace in 2016. Consumers are looking for sites that will offer them a good user experience even when they are on the move and have to check their favorite websites from their hand held gadgets.


Mobile responsive website is the new trend, all SEO practitioners must embrace this strategy if they want to remain on top of their game.

Media channels to distribute e-books

Writing and generating content for an eBook is not always an easy task; it is painstaking affair that requires much research, and long working hours, not to mention the thorough proofreading that will be required. And still, writing an eBook is just the first step; the tricky task comes in when it is time to promote your content and ensure that as many people as possible are reached.

  • Most eBook writers and authors use media channels to distribute their content and reach out to more readers.
  • This distribution is also known as content delivery or electronic software distribution.
  • In most cases, eBook authors rely on their own ecommerce websites to distribute their works.
  • Some of the most popular media channels for distributing eBooks include, Apple iBookstore, Kobo Brook Store,, Barnes and Noble e book store, to mention but a few.
  • Regardless of the channel that you opt for, it is important that you prepare yourself adequately; convert the book into popular eBook formats like ePDF and e PUB. Also ensure that any embedded videos of audios are easily accessible and visible.
  • Another latest and modern media channel that many e book authors are opting for is called XinXii. You just need to create an account on XinXii and from there you can distribute your eBook to many retailers from world over.
  • Needless to say, when choosing the right channel, ensure that it is a platform that connects you to as many potential readers and retailers as possible.
  • Lastly, ensure that you get a channel that is keen on proofreading the eBook keenly to ensure no message or meaning is lost during conversion.


A bit of research online will acquaint you with the most effective media channels to distribute your eBook. The internet keeps updating and showing up the most popular channels for distributing your content.

SEO Services Good Or Bad in 2016 and years to come?

SEO-servicesMost people have never come across the term SEO, until the day they are designing a business or personal website. And while one may be excused for that, it is very vital to acquaint yourself with SEO services, so that you get a general idea of how search engines work, why some websites are found on the first page, others on the third page, fifth page, and so on so forth.

What does SEO mean?

Basically, this means search engine optimization. In other words, it is to optimize and fine tune a website so that the search engines find it favorable.  Popular search engines like Google, Bing, and such like, usually use a combination of factors in order to place some sites at the top, and others at the bottom. When designing a website, the only person who is really conversant and knowledgeable on these factors is an top seo consultancy expert.

Pros of SEO services;

  • They help the layman, in this case the website owner, to understand how popular search engines like Google work.
  • They help business enhance their profitability because the moment a website is raked at the top, its chances of getting more visitors are higher; and on the same note, move visitors means more potential customers.
  • The online and digital world has stiff competition as businesses try to outdo the other. SEO services help businesses compete effectively on the web and that’s what a good seo company london can do for your business in 2016 and years to come.

Cons of SEO services;

  • Just like in any other industry, you’re bound to come across quacks who pretend to be SEO experts, while in the real sense they can’t deliver what they promise.
  • Also, unless the SEO service provider is really professional and keeps acquainting themselves with the latest skills and tricks in SEO, you risk wasting your money without your site’s ranking improving. This is because search engines keep updating the factors and modalities used to rank sites. See more detail on


Basically, there are few disadvantages of SEO services; if you can only manage to get a good service provider, then you’re bound to reap a lot from their services.

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How to make an ebook using software

Sharp viewers will certainly have observed that we have actually begun publishing our “Open Voices” eBooks in the ePub format. Currently, several of our ideal essays as well as job interviews are readily available as light-weight and mobile reports, as well as can be continued reading any sort of electronic reading tool that supports this open requirement.

And also that far better to carry out the task of transforming our library than your friendly trainee? This summer, I have actually improved what I think about a basic, reliable approach for creating eBooks the open source means. Today, I wish to discuss it.

Our job

This guide discusses one method for producing electronic books (“eBooks”) in the ePub layout using open source devices offered on most prominent computing systems. ePub is the International Digital Posting Discussion forum’s open requirement for electronic book publishing, and the majority of significant electronic reading gadgets support it (besides the Kindle– sorry, Amazon followers!). However much more notably, formatting a digital publication as an ePub guarantees that several online eBook marketplaces will hold and also disperse the work.

The method I outline here mirrors 2 needs: to create open eBooks in open formats using open tools, and to prevent unneeded problem by involving as few of these devices as possible. Consequently, this overview defines a rather particular procedure– one for collecting and also editing content in the OpenDocument style and transforming that material into an ePub eBook.

You will certainly require

The LibreOffice Author word processing program
The Writer2ePub plugin for LibreOffice
An.epub viewers (like FBReader or Calibre).
One added note prior to we begin: I could possibly not have actually done this job as quickly or as conveniently without the aid of Scott Nesbitt, the Auckland-based writer and editor that’s an essential at When I began imagining just how I may accomplish this project, I review (a number of times) many of Scott’s exceptional eBook tutorials, which were immensely useful. Any type of open resource project worth its salt must recognize its debts; Scott has my thankfulness.

Alright. Allow’s begin.

First things first: your eBook requires material.

You could be making up fresh material for your eBook task. Or maybe you’re repurposing material you’ve already released on a blog site. In either scenario, LibreOffice creates a perfect device.

Regardless of just how you obtain your content into LibreOffice, bear in mind one critical point: you should utilize styles to format your document. “Designs” are greater than font choices as well as line-height choices; they’re declarations about the rational and also meaningful structure of your record (for more on this, do some reading on “semantic markup”).

Some may assume utilizing a word processing program to produce digital publications is a little bit looney, however below’s things: swiftly as well as effectively formatting content is just what word processing program are designed for. Unfortunately, a lot of customers never learn to utilize word processing software application effectively, using content format (like font style sizes or content colors) to individual elements willy-nilly. If you are among those individuals (I was!), after that you need to do yourself a terrific support and also research study Ahuka’s LibreOffice tutorials on Hacker Public Radio.

Using styles.

In LibreOffice, press F11 to toggle the Styles and also Formatting pane. When this pane shows up, it will present the designs presently in use in your file. To make an ePub documents, you’ll should mark a minimum of the following components:.

Headings. The title of guide and its major chapters need to be embeded in “Heading 1.” All chapter areas must be embeded in “Going 2.” For subsections, pick “Going 3.” While LibreOffice allows writers to mark around nine going designs, you shouldn’t relocate beyond the very first three. Most ePub manufacturers will not recognize anything yet these.
Body content. The text of your publication must receive the “Text body” design in LibreOffice.
Monospace content. Some text– computer code, most especially– requires special formatting to sustain its spacing. It must be assigned “Preformatted text.”.
Prolonged quotations. Some sorts of composing feature block quotes. These must be embeded in the “Quotes” style.

ebook software