How To Publish An eBook

Not many people realise how the process of eBook publishing or kindle publishing works. So this is a breakdown of how to Publish an eBook and how to go about things when it comes to eBook publishing on Amazon.

Find your Niche

You first need to decide what niche you going to publish in. Weather that’s about money, business, cooking, pets, history, horror, romance etc. There’s a huge range of categories you could publish books on Amazon. With some niches being more profitable and popular than others.

The Title…

You then want to create a good title and subtitle for your niche. It’s always best to have just the keywords alone in your title for the niche your trying to rank for. Then on your subtitle choose certain niches you also want to rank for as just secondary keywords.


Surprisingly you can get great for your eBook covers on the website Fiverr. However, if you wanted something higher in the price range there are always some great Graphic Designers out there, who could really make your book stand out from the rest.

The Content

If you don’t want to write the eBook yourself, then you can always go to a writing company where they can ghost write the eBook for you. Prices will of course vary for different company’s and what person is writing the eBook as well as how many words you would like in the eBook also. If you still decide you want to go elsewhere you can also hire Freelancers as well.

That’s Pretty Much the Basics

Once you have got all of this sorted, you are then ready to publish the eBook on Amazon, which will then ask you for a few more details from you before you publish the eBook and then you are ready to go live on Amazon!


Media channels to distribute e-books

Writing and generating content for an eBook is not always an easy task; it is painstaking affair that requires much research, and long working hours, not to mention the thorough proofreading that will be required. And still, writing an eBook is just the first step; the tricky task comes in when it is time to promote your content and ensure that as many people as possible are reached.

  • Most eBook writers and authors use media channels to distribute their content and reach out to more readers.
  • This distribution is also known as content delivery or electronic software distribution.
  • In most cases, eBook authors rely on their own ecommerce websites to distribute their works.
  • Some of the most popular media channels for distributing eBooks include, Apple iBookstore, Kobo Brook Store,, Barnes and Noble e book store, to mention but a few.
  • Regardless of the channel that you opt for, it is important that you prepare yourself adequately; convert the book into popular eBook formats like ePDF and e PUB. Also ensure that any embedded videos of audios are easily accessible and visible.
  • Another latest and modern media channel that many e book authors are opting for is called XinXii. You just need to create an account on XinXii and from there you can distribute your eBook to many retailers from world over.
  • Needless to say, when choosing the right channel, ensure that it is a platform that connects you to as many potential readers and retailers as possible.
  • Lastly, ensure that you get a channel that is keen on proofreading the eBook keenly to ensure no message or meaning is lost during conversion.


A bit of research online will acquaint you with the most effective media channels to distribute your eBook. The internet keeps updating and showing up the most popular channels for distributing your content.